Hair Services

Our salon stylists can help you find the ideal haircut and style that suites you best. At Stile Salon, we take the time to understand your personal taste and needs. Our skilled staff will can do it all, from short bobs to unruly hair, we have someone just for you! All of our consultations are free and prices vary depending on the level of expertise.

Shampoo & Style      $25 -$40
Formal Style with Shampoo and Blow Dry              $50-75
Women Design, Cut, & Style      $35-65
Gentlemen Design, Cut, & Style      $15-40
Oribe Treatment Masque
Children's Haircut      $20-25
Wedding Updo Bride      $75-95
Wedding Updo Bridesmaid      $50-75
Brazillian Straightener      $200-350
Extensions      $150 (per hour) Consultation Required
A  consultation prior to scheduling is necessary to detirmine how much hair is to be used.